Why choose a .INFO domain extension? .INFO is a long-standing domain that people trust and respect .INFO is primarily intended to be an informational domain By adding a .INFO to you domain extensions, you’re proclaiming that you and your company have a lot of information to share There are no restrictions for registering .INFO domain names Anyone can register a .INFO domain. Just as there are no restrictions for information and it can vary from extreme to extreme, there are no guidelines as to what a .INFO website may or may not include. You can feel free to blog and share your story on a .INFO, or use your domain names as a way to share information about yourself or your business with the world. The internet has become a tool that we use in our daily lives to look up information on literally anything. One third of the global population utilizes the internet, performing approximately 700,000 Google searches every minute, looking for information. An information domain can be specific to a particular topic that consumers are likely to desire information on. For example, an information domain dedicated to looking up movie times and reviews, to help internet users plan an evening out with a friend. Or a comparative information domain, outlining all the various household products from various manufactures and showing how they compare, including user reviews, and star ratings. The opportunities for an information domain are endless, as intent users are literally on a seemingly endless quest for information about multitudes of topics. An alternative route to go with your information domain is to develop a more general reference website. Wikipedia, for example, contains user modified information on almost any topic. With a general reference website like this that is used popularly, you can earn revenue from advertisers who want to capitalize on the traffic going to your information domain.

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