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Tips on Choosing a Good .INFO Domain Name ---- When you use a .INFO domain, you're telling the world that your website has information about a concept, an idea, a place or your business. A .INFO site can be a stand-alone one or can complement an existing commercial site. For example, the Overstock company uses a .com to sell items, but has "o.info" as a site that offers product information. ---- If you're looking for a domain to help publicize your business, you should consider a name that matches your business name rather than a generic word that describes what your business sells. A name that emphasizes your brand will build trust in your site, which in turn supports your business. And a brand name — rather than a generic descriptor name — can also help you with site traffic if you want to reach an international audience that may not recognize a "concept" name from a different language. ---- http://info.info

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